John Adams High School  John Adams High School, Portland, Oregon 1969 to 1981

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In the news: District aims wrecking ball at Whitaker (Aug. 24, 2006)

Killer Radon Gas at Adams/Whitaker

Radon is rare in Oregon, but the gas has been seeping out of the ground beneath Whitaker for 15,000 years, since shortly after an ice dam burst in what is now Montana. A wall of water, known as the Missoula flood, gushed through the Cascades, scouring out the Columbia Gorge and depositing uranium-rich sand and rocks in Alameda Ridge. As that uranium decays, it produces radon, which enters Whitaker through cracks and holes in the building's foundation.

Not until 1984, however, did federal health officials identify the risks of radon in buildings.



Then and Now

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The building was on the rise seen on the left of the photo (looking SW)




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